Actual Art Foundation

The Actual Art Foundation was founded in 1983 by Valerie Monroe Shakespeare with a mission to promote and encourage the support and development of Actual Art and to educate, assist and instruct the public toward awareness of this important genre of art which is related to environmental issues by the unique way the art works with nature in a positive mind set. To this end, the Actual Art Foundation has curated and sponsored art exhibitions in Princeton, New Jersey, Hartford, Connecticut; Regensburg, Germany; and the City Gallery, New York City. The Foundation is currently organizing shows worldwide and had several group shows at the Fvlcrvm Gallery SoHo, Candlewood Lake, The Onion, in New Fairfield, CT, Cornell University, Smith College, Princeton University and currently in Hudson, New York at Shakespeare’s Fulcrum.

The Foundation has worked with other not-for-profit organizations such as The Public Art Fund, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and City Walls to assist artists in realizing major works of art throughout the City, both temporary installations as well as permanently installed site-specific works. The Foundation also works with many major international corporations towards the completion and promotion of temporary art exhibitions as well as permanent installations of art, and to assist in the education of the public about art in general and environmentally conscious art in particular.

Donations to the Actual Art Foundation are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Actual Art Foundation is a not for profit 510(c)3 charitable organization. Please consult with your financial advisor for the tax implications of your donation.