Tery Fugate-Wilcox

Tery Fugate-Wilcox (b. 1944) is a minimalist and natural-process postminimalist (Actual Art)-ist painter and sculptor best known for three monumental art works in New York City and surrounding region: the LMCC-sponsored Holland Tunnel Wall (dismantled circa 1989), the 3-storey Self-Watering Tetrahedrons fountain located in Prudential's Gateway 4 lobby until 1998, and the permanently installed 36-foot-tall 3000 A.D. Diffusion Piece in J. Hood Wright Park overlooking the George Washington Bridge. The latter is the subject of a New York City official historical sign.

His works are included in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Museum of Modern Art, National Gallery of Australia, NYC Parks, as well as other private and public collections. Tery currently resides in Hudson, New York, where he runs Shakespeare's Fvlcrvm, Hudson.

For Valerie
White Flame
Midnight Romance
Sheet rock sculpture